Andrei Verdeanu

English, Romanian
Travel and Leisure  Sports and Recreation  Medical  Health and Fitness  Food and Drink  Computers and Technology  Casino and Betting  Business and Marketing  With an academic background in Environmental Science and Geographic Information Systems, I am ready to offer on-demand writing/translating/proofreading for various purposes (website content, articles, blogs, creative writing, technical/scientific reports) in a timely, accurate and professional manner.

Having worked for companies such as Softpedia, as a software review editor, I am well accustomed with the regulatory framework imposed when writing professional, publication-grade articles.

Great care for details, attention and discipline in all undertaken tasks, characterize my workflow. The ability to work as part of a team but also independently without supervision, taking full responsibility and prioritizing tasks accordingly.

The ability to emphasize increased working efficiency, even under pressure or stress conditions. Courtesy, ethics, common sense, punctuality, a serious and determined attitude.

Public articles by Andrei Verdeanu

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