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I write articles and other texts in English and Swedish as well as translating between the two languages. As a native Swede I have an excellent command of Swedish but my English skills are also very good due to strong personal connections with England. My natural writing style is British English but I do, of course, also write in American English if that is what the job entails.

I am versatile and I do accept writing jobs in all subject areas. I have no problems studying things that are unknown to me to with the purpose of writing about them, although I do have some subjects that lie a little bit closer to my heart. These include dogs and other animals, biology in general but also other scientific fields, travel/holiday, business/economy, anything related to the home life such as cooking and decorating as well as the arts, crafts and fashion.

One of my outstanding features when writing is a wish and constant strive for accuracy. I always do thorough research and I do not cut corners to save time, thus I guarantee that what I produce is of high quality.

Public articles by Ariana

Writing with Reader Habits in Mind

As many people know, it is important to write with the targeted reading audience in mind but did you know that you should also consider the writing medium? There is a vast difference between writing for print and writing for the web and it all boils down to the different reading habits in the different mediums. In short, traditional print is read carefully and highly scrutinised whilst online text is... Read More

Produktbeskrivningar som säljer

Att sälja produkter online har både sina för- och nackdelar, där en uppenbar nackdel är att potentiella kunder inte har möjligheten att klämma och känna på produkterna innan köpet medan en klar fördel är att kunden kan besöka butiken när helst det passar denne. En bra beskrivning av produkterna är av största vikt för försäljning på webben. Den bör vara tydlig och innehålla relevant information såsom namn, pris, utförlig beskrivning och... Read More