Travel and Leisure  Medical  Home and Family  Health and Fitness  Food and Drink  Finance and Insurance  Computers and Technology  Business and Marketing  Brittany is a dedicated, outspoken freelancer who specializes in articles, blogs, web pages, product descriptions, and e-books. With more than seven years of experience in the field of writing, Brittany has written for many fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She is a writer who does not create content solely to meet the word count, but to convey different ideas and beneficial information to the reader in its entirety.

As a proud mommy of five children, Brittany brings a unique and experienced approach to the parenting niche. As a wife, she exceeds many client's expectations with her humorous yet truthful approach to the relationship niche. Although Brittany is fairly new to the adult niche, her product descriptions are spot-on.

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4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Writer

Hiring a writer can be more frustrating than you realize, and easily become a daunting task. These four tips will help you hire a writer that suits your needs and standards. 1. View Profile and Reviews A professional writer will have a profile with more than two samples and reviews from previous clients. Before you choose a writer, make sure their samples showcase high-quality work and they have more positive reviews than... Read More