Julia Here

English, Russian
Travel and Leisure  Medical  Health and Fitness  I'm a professional copywriter, SEO writer, and proofreader. I write on a variety of subjects, including health, beauty, IT, tourism, psychology, car repair, and more. I create content for e-commerce websites from scratch (from about us to product descriptions to services and contacts).

In the health niche, I have written many articles about asthma and psoriasis. I also have extensive knowledge of such conditions as rosacea and gastritis.

I have written a variety of articles on SEO and social media marketing. I assist SEO specialists in creating the right content for the websites.

In the beauty niche, I specialize in hair and nails. I create hundreds of content pieces for hairstyle -related websites.

I also have sufficient knowledge about vehicles and car repairs since I used to work in a shop when I was a student.

I have written many articles on parenting. I have some knowledge of psychological aspects of mother-daughter relationships.

I have experience writing different articles for SEO or website requirements. I also do part-time Russian-English and English-Russian translations.

Since I received my education in the USA, I have excellent English writing skills. I'm a freelancer, who dedicates more than 40 hours a week to writing. I can be a valuable asset to any company or an individual contributor for any project.

I've done several hundreds of projects, some of which are in my portfolio. The rest I can provide upon request

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Как написать интересный блог-пост

Каждый создатель блога мечтает о невероятной популярности, которая принесет ему не только значительный доход, но и сделает его неоценимым помощником для определенной аудитории. Несмотря на то, как упорно многие блоггеры стараются писать увлекательные посты, только единицам удается по-настоящему захватить внимание читателей и увеличить количество подписчиков. Если вы начинающий блоггер или хотите понять почему ваши посты никто не читает, вам стоит обратить внимание на несколько простых правил, который помогут вам создать... Read More