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Health and Fitness  Computers and Technology  Business and Marketing  I'm Michael and I live in New York.

I have been writing for over 8 years. I have my own blog in which I talk about marketing for taxi business owners. I also do ghostwriting for businesses in a number of verticals. I specialize in writing business and technology content.

For examples of my writing, check http://taxibusinessadvice.com/free-articles

All the articles there have been written by me.

I believe that to stay relevant in business, one has to constantly study and improve. I own most of the products created by Dan Kennedy and Jay Abharam. I am a member of DM Labs. I also have products by Brendon Burchard and Frank Kern.

In addition to this, here's what I bring to the table:

1. 8 years of SALES and marketing experience, both online and offline. In my portfolio you can see a lot of case studies and testimonials from taxi business owners and other people in “real businesses.” I don’t just do “online funnels” or work with “coaches who coach coaches about coaching.” I have experience in creating marketing plans, implementing them and training sales people.

2. Advanced Degree in Applied Mathematics. I have the educational background to deal with research, numbers and stats. I can "make the case" by creatively presenting highly credible, believable science — utilizing the proven principles of "reason why advertising", and answering the consumer's key questions: (a) WHY does it work? (b) Now can I feel confident it will work FOR ME? and (c) Why will it work when other products have failed me?

3. Experience across all media platforms. Some freelancers are highly skilled at print or direct mail but can barely spell 'web site'. Others are of the "cyber generation" and (foolishly) think anything that isn't online is of importance only in the land of the dinosaurs. My work embraces offline and online media. I have experience with facebook ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, email marketing, opt-in pages and lead magnets.

4. Front-end, back-end. Online: landing pages (that capture and convert), online sales letters, e-mail funnels and sequences; offline: sales letters, re-order letters, upsell letters, marketing kits, sales scripts, training sales people.

Public articles by michael516

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