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Sports and Recreation  Food and Drink  Computers and Technology  Hello! I am a 22-year old student taking up a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities and I am already in my last year. I was supposed to graduate a year ago but could not due to the lack of funds for my tuition fee. Having to go through several websites for freelancing, I stumbled upon Meritcrowd which provided me a good source of extra income depending on the projects. I have not been active lately due to personal reasons. But after writing this and updating my profile, I promise to deliver the needed tasks even before the deadline. Pressure is a close friend of mine so I'll be able to complete tasks faster than you think! Of course, I will give you a heads up if I will need more time but those will only happen rarely. Thank you, and I hope you can help me graduate by helping you with your content! Have a good day!

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5 Steps to Becoming a Great Blog Writer

There are different kinds of writers from academic to creative writers. While being a blog writer may sound like the middle ground in the sense that it is a lot easier than either of the two, it may be quite harder than you think. If you already have a blog online or are planning to start one, it is always a good idea to have a sort of checklist when... Read More