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Medical  Home and Family  Casino and Betting  Business and Marketing  I am a Canadian writer with many years of experience. I am able to write for many different niches. I have had the opportunity to product entire content for large casino and gaming sites, and some of my regular clients have a visitor base of 150K to 200K monthly.
My policy is that client expectations must be met within the deadlines that they have set.

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Tips for Product Description Writing For the Seller and the Writer

For those that are in the business of selling products, it is important that they use every resource available to them to be successful at this. One that is extremely important is the product descriptions and particularly for those that are selling online via an e-commerce site. However, even for those with a brick and mortar business, the product descriptions that they use in the print material is equally as... Read More

What Is Needed to Make a Product Description Sell?

In order for a product description to be successful then it's end goal is to promote the sale of that product. For it to be able to do this it must possess several components. 1. The Product Description Title Is The Attention Grabber The product description title is as important as the body of content describing the product. It has to be truthful and straight to the point of what the product... Read More