Unique content is essential on the internet and it’s vital to your business and reputation. The web is full of copied or plagiarized content, and search engines are good at keeping track of who’s copying who. Websites that plagiarize a lot will see their search rankings suffer. In extreme cases, a search engine may cull a site from its index entirely.

As a web publisher, you have to make sure all the content you use gets written from scratch. When you buy content from third-party suppliers, you must be able to trust them. From our viewpoint, it’s likewise important that we trust the writers we’re working with. That’s why we run all articles through Copyscape, which is a leading plagiarism checker.

How we do it

We’ve integrated the Copyscape API into our system. Thus, articles are always checked for plagiarism the moment we receive them. We add all articles to an internal Copyscape index, too, which prevents any copying from earlier work. When Copyscape flags an article as copied, we ask the writer to rewrite it. If writers submit many such articles, we stop working with them.

Non-Western languages

One of the unique things about Boost Content is our ability to check non-Western languages for plagiarism. Since Copyscape does not support languages such as Chinese or Japanese, we have developed an internal tool that achieves this.