Unique content is very important on the internet today, the amount of copied or plagiarized content is huge on the internet and the search engines keep track on where the content was published first. That way they can identify which sites uses plagiarized content and ban them from the search index. So you as a content publisher need to be sure that all the content you publish is completely unique and written from scratch. When you buy content from third party sources it is important that you can trust the supplier. And for us it is important that we can trust the writers we are working with. That is why we take every article and runs it through Copyscape which is a leading tool for detecting plagiarism on the internet.

How we do it

We have integrated our system into the Copyscape API so each time a writer sends in an article we automatically check it with copyscape. We also add it to an internal copyscape index so that subsequent articles gets checked against older articles. That is to prevent a writer from copying old articles and send them in. As soon as a writer submits a copied article we tell them to rewrite it and if they do it often we will stop working with them.

Non western languages

One of unique things with is that we can check for plagiarism on non western languages like Japanese or Chinese. One of the major problems with Copyscape is that it does not support non western languages. Therefor we have developed an internal tool for checking plagiarism in those languages.