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Today, anybody can browse the web and, if they’re so inclined, copy content from a web page for their own use. Of course, this is plagiarism and illegal, but how do you stop it? Copyscape is an online service that was launched in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd. It is used to combat content theft and copyright violations. Content owners can check that their material is not illegally used... Read More

Native Content with SEO

THERE ONCE WAS There was a man that had an issue with a mailing order, he needed the content for a small, yet very important brochure made up, he needed it quick. He went online, and found a native writer for SEO, and was pleasantly surprised. The overall product came out to more than just his liking, he received many more new clients from his mailing list, and product sales. With... Read More

How to Determine if Someone is a Good Article Writer

What Did I Just Read? We all sometimes feel the need to read something twice. That's normal, especially if you're taking in very important information before performing a task. However, you shouldn't have to. An article, regardless of content, should be clear as day the first time you read it. If you have to read something twice to get the message, then the writer should be looking for another job.... Read More

A History of SEO

The competing interests of search engines and black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have contributed to the evolution of popular search engines like Google since the 1990's. The company now has proactive measures in their algorithm to filter out poor quality content such as link building, spamming and link baiting. Heavy penalties, the emergence of social proof, highly advanced web crawlers and human editorial have evolved over time to prevent... Read More

Pieces written by native English speakers tend to be much more grammatically correct. The grammar and syntax also tend to be maintained in their proper placement and the piece tends to be much more fluid. If this is so for your piece, then you won’t have to do as much editing. Here is a list of the most common errors that non-native English speakers tend to make: * They often confuse past... Read More

Europe: An Abode to Exotic languages

Europe, is a continent known for its beauty, and for its art of preservation of culture, architechture, history, and languages alike. Although the countries are integrated in a one seemingly tiny continent, each one has a speciality of its own. Out of these unique things, language is something that sets them all apart. For knowing about the culture of each country, one of the best things to do is to... Read More

Good Writing is Good Business

Good communication is an essential component of any business. No matter how fantastic your products and service may be, poor writing skills are sure to drive customers away. It’s true that most readers can grasp the meaning of a sentence even if it’s full of errors. Some writers use this as an excuse for laziness. They assume that because everyone knows what they mean, they shouldn’t have to worry about... Read More

What to Look for When Buying Articles for Your Blog

Buying articles for your blog instead of writing them yourself may seem like a normal task, but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when searching for content. Good blog articles will help your blog and draw more readers, while bad articles could make you lose readers. Knowing what to look for when searching for articles can help you make the best decision. Quality Quality of... Read More

How to build an Online Business

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have taken to the internet to start their own businesses. However, it's not easy. Some fail to market their product or services to their intended audiences, while others do no marketing at all. Some can't hold their audiences attention long enough, while others may simply not be able to devote enough time to their businesses. And while it's true everyone can own their own businesses, not many... Read More

What articles should you write for your E-commerce website?

The more pages you add to your E-commerce website, the more it’s going to get spotted by search engines. Simply adding product descriptions will only achieve limited returns: the best way to get noticed is to post articles regularly. How do you make sure you’re providing content that people will actually read and engage with? Make them interesting First and foremost, your article needs to be interesting and readable. People can spot when... Read More