Good Writing is Good Business

Good communication is an essential component of any business. No matter how fantastic your products and service may be, poor writing skills are sure to drive customers away.

It’s true that most readers can grasp the meaning of a sentence even if it’s full of errors. Some writers use this as an excuse for laziness. They assume that because everyone knows what they mean, they shouldn’t have to worry about writing it correctly. Informality is fine on personal blogs and social media accounts. Friends and family members already care about what each other has to say, so they’ll forgive amateur writing. On a professional website though, amateur writing stands out like a red flag.

Why good grammar is important

If your readers have to work too hard to interpret your words, you can bet that your message will lose its punch. Bad grammar, spelling errors, and incorrect punctuation will cause people to click away from a business web page a lot more often than you may suspect.

People who value quality and attention to detail will notice something as minor as an apostrophe out of place, and it’s easy to assume that a company that can’t be bothered to proofread their own corporate literature is going to have the same slipshod attitude toward their products and service.

First impressions matter—the ability to use language correctly and eloquently makes a writer seem like a trustworthy authority. Potential new customers form an idea of the quality of your work based on how you present yourself to them. Poor grammar makes a writer seem inexperienced or lazy. If you tell people that you’re committed to being the best, they’ll be looking for proof in everything you do, whether it relates to your actual product or not and they will go to your competitors if your initial presentation is less than polished.