How to Determine if Someone is a Good Article Writer

What Did I Just Read?

We all sometimes feel the need to read something twice. That's normal, especially if you're taking in very important information before performing a task. However, you shouldn't have to. An article, regardless of content, should be clear as day the first time you read it. If you have to read something twice to get the message, then the writer should be looking for another job.

  • But there are more ways than one to make an article unreadable. Like listing things without actually listing. Instead you write sentence after sentence in a list-looking way.
  • This would seriously defeat the purpose of list making since the point is to word by word include information in a clear way without fuss.
  • Writing a list like this might feel okay because you are writing what you feel is important information but for the reader this will just be another wall of text.

Okay okay, things started out very negative here. So how DO you determine if someone is a good article writer? Staying clear, and like in my previous sentence, keeping the subject alive by reusing certain keywords or the article title. A good writer will also not only use keywords and a clear language but also a tone relevant to whatever it is they're writing. Just choosing to include or exclude an 'I' narrative will change the feel of an article; it might work great in an article about a new comedy club but not for an informative article on global warming. There are even more stuff to think about concerning word choices beyond narrative to set a tone. If a writer uses a language that might alienate the readers interested in an article about the comedy club, that might lead to readers not finishing the article and not going to the club. Meaning the writing in itself didn't serve its purpose.

So, let's break it down: What determines if someone is a good article writer.

  • A clear message
  • A correct format
  • A relevant language and narrative

Do you agree?