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Here you can read articles that we hope you will find useful from some of the writers that are active on Boost Content. If you find a writer that you like particularily, you can often hire him or her to write articles for you. You can also put together a team of writers that you like and order articles from that group. Please use the menu to the right if you are looking for articles and writers in more languages.

5 ways To Bring New Traffic To Your Site

Content and traffic are the two most important factors for a websites survival. Intriguing content is essential for the success of any website-not only on your site pages, but in your emails, too. Advertising your brand by reaching out to potential clients, when done right, can make or break all you're trying to achieve. It’s not complicated. You design an ad or brochure and send it out to all your... Read More

Producing Online Content: The Best Practices For Your Guaranteed Success

Introduction Buying content versus producing your own is an age-old debate. Some writers feel you are better off writing your own and some feel the opposite. The main advantage to buying content from someone else is the level of professionalism. you get with the writing. There is a difference in the content's value from someone who is just starting out versus someone who has been writing for a long time. The focus... Read More

What Content Should You use on Your E-commerce Site?

The content that you post on your E-commerce site can lead matters a lot and can help increase sales. You can either use marketing content or informational content. When using content, you need to have your users at the back of your mind. The informational content will give the visitors useful information while the marketing content helps to drive traffic to the website. The primary purpose of an E-commerce website... Read More

An Easy Guide to Writing Engaging Product Descriptions

Are your product descriptions invoking interest, disarming your audience, and inviting people to read on? Engaging product descriptions will easily inspire a lot of conversions. Such content is excellent marketing! It’s not dull, and it encourages prospects to explore product benefits and make informed purchase decisions. If you’re struggling writing engaging, persuasive product descriptions, here are easy tips for you: Define Your Customer Persona Start by creating an imaginary customer, complete with unique... Read More

Its Not About Meat, Its About Feeding the Community

Joe's Butchery is situated in the sunny and stormy Mossel Bay, South-Africa. The owner Joe has had his butchery for 10 years starting it from humble beginnings. Growing up Joe was an orphan which roamed the streets of their ghettos frequently, but despite his upbringing, he still made a success of himself and is now a serving member of the community. In the 10 years, he has been running the... Read More

How To Reach Your Audience as a Small Business

Starting a business is always hard, stressful and time consuming. One of the hardest challenges is getting your name out there. Especially for small business and ones that are just starting out. A benefical way of getting your name out there is through social media. It is extremely important that you're business is on social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It's also important that you update your... Read More

Keeping your Company Message on Point - Why use a Professional?

When designing and implementing your company communications strategy, at what point does the question of 'who will write for the company blog?' get addressed? This usually comes pretty far down the list of considerations companies make. Understandably, there's always the temptation to write them yourself, or assign it to one of the junior staff. It's cheaper, after all. That said, it's a shortcut you may want to reconsider when seeking... Read More

Need More Time? Hire a Freelancer to Write Your Blog!

With everything that small business owners have to deal with, from suppliers, to customers, to website support, there are never enough hours in a day. You know you need to engage your audience with meaningful, timely blog posts, but who has time for that? We do! We are the freelance online writers of the world and this is our specialty. We absorb the details of your business, ask you pertinent... Read More

How to Make an Article Interesting

Whenever you are going to write an article, long or short, you don't want to lose the potential readers. You need to keep it interesting and you have to make it stand out, don't lose the readers! You may not be too well versed with how to accomplish these things but that is why I'll give you some pointers below. *Captivating title *Keeping it simple *Never drag it out *Grammar check Captivating Title You always want to... Read More

Making a Great Services Page

The Importance, and Necessity for Small Businesses When creating a website for your company, your ultimate goal is to be found online. For smaller businesses, this is a crucial step in ensuring your company will not only get found, but that the services you offer come across clear and concise to prospective clients. Creating a great services page doesn’t have to be hard. You should already know what you are offering.... Read More

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