5 ways To Bring New Traffic To Your Site

Content and traffic are the two most important factors for a websites survival. Intriguing content is essential for the success of any website-not only on your site pages, but in your emails, too. Advertising your brand by reaching out to potential clients, when done right, can make or break all you're trying to achieve. It’s not complicated. You design an ad or brochure and send it out to all your previous customers. Remember, people don’t read emails, they scan them.

So, how exactly to you make sure your message gets read and not deleted? Try offering something fun for the reader. Interactive emails almost always get opened up. After all, who can resist getting something for free? Here’s how to keep the first-timers coming back for more:


Tantalize them with a free chance to win something awesome simply for responding to your offer. Offering multiple levels of prizes and including an estimate of the odds of winning will entice them even more!.


Offer a fun survey (Try Survey Monkey to create one) with an incentive for completion such as a dollar amount or percentage off the advertised product or a free gift. The survey should have something to do with the niche your selling.


Have a contest. Ask readers to submit a short story telling how they would use your product to their benefit or ask them to submit a photo of them using your product. Offer a great reward like a gift card or free product in return for the winner, with a few smaller prizes for the runners up.


Offer a coupon they can print out and use on a future purchase. If they don’t buy your product at that time, they may consider it later, every time they see that coupon.


Ask them to vote on a name or package design for your merchandise. Not only is it fun, but the winner is sure to tell all their friends how they influenced the new product…giving you more free advertising!