Making a Great Services Page

The Importance, and Necessity for Small Businesses

When creating a website for your company, your ultimate goal is to be found online. For smaller businesses, this is a crucial step in ensuring your company will not only get found, but that the services you offer come across clear and concise to prospective clients.

Creating a great services page doesn’t have to be hard. You should already know what you are offering. You are basically just packaging it all up in a way to help people understand why they should call you. While the home page is where you invite the potential customer to get to know you, your services page is where you sell your business, and tell them why they need you.

3 Steps to a Great Services Page:

  • 1. Layout the basics for what you offer. Act as if the reader knows nothing about your company and services. Give a general overview of what you offer, and who you are. Chances are good that they didn’t come across your services page alone, but most likely landed on your home page first. Even still, they may know nothing about you, so give them all the information they need to know about who you are.
  • 2. List your services in list form. Most people skim pages and read over bullet-points and headings, so using a list format not only looks nice on your site, but it also helps to visually showcase your services in this way.
  • 3. Show customer reviews, letters, awards, photos, anything to show what you do, and how you’ve helped customers in the past. Reviews and quotes from clients can really sell your brand to your prospective clients. Even if you add just a small quote, this can go a long way with someone who may be on the fence.

Creating a website can feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Just remember why you're doing this. If you stick to just 3 pages, make a great home page, contact us page, and of course services page where you showcase your company, and get the sale.