An Easy Guide to Writing Engaging Product Descriptions

Are your product descriptions invoking interest, disarming your audience, and inviting people to read on? Engaging product descriptions will easily inspire a lot of conversions. Such content is excellent marketing! It’s not dull, and it encourages prospects to explore product benefits and make informed purchase decisions.

If you’re struggling writing engaging, persuasive product descriptions, here are easy tips for you:

Define Your Customer Persona

Start by creating an imaginary customer, complete with unique needs, shopping preferences, and a personality. A buyer persona is an individual for whom you've created a product. So research this prospective customer and know what makes them tick. What stirs their imagination, encouraging them to follow up or click buy? You’ll then customize your content to the buyer persona you created.

Offer Something New or Unique, and Relevant

A product description engages the reader if it provides a new perspective, such as toward solving a consumer’s pain point. Here, you’ll be trying not to be general or cliché in your value proposition. But where do you find relevant product information that your audience has not encountered before?

Perhaps, you developed an exclusive product for your target buyer. So just look into the essential aspects of your unique selling point for this product. For example, if the product has a distinctive and useful ingredient, you can include that in your description. This way, you’ll be introducing your audience to helpful information they may not have read before.

Adopt the Feature/Benefit Approach

Anyone considering buying your product will first ask, “What’s in it for me?” To answer that question, identify three or four significant features that your product boasts. Then, determine the benefit of each such attribute. Finally, write a paragraph or two explaining the product benefits to eagerly-following prospective buyers.

Writing engaging product descriptions is no rocket science, but it requires a perfect understanding of your buyer personas. Likewise, it's crucial to introduce your audience to a fresh perspective on your product. Be sure to explain the relevant product features and their respective benefits to the consumer.