Keeping your Company Message on Point - Why use a Professional?

When designing and implementing your company communications strategy, at what point does the question of 'who will write for the company blog?' get addressed? This usually comes pretty far down the list of considerations companies make. Understandably, there's always the temptation to write them yourself, or assign it to one of the junior staff. It's cheaper, after all. That said, it's a shortcut you may want to reconsider when seeking to maximise returns on your marketing efforts.

Not everyone can write. It's a simple, unfortunate fact. You may know your audience, but do you know how to address them effectively? Creating on-message, engaging content is a daunting task, and there's no shortage of examples where companies have missed this mark. Not only may this then fail to engage your audience, it may actually harm your brand.

Contracting to experienced writers, though the more costly option, provides a far greater level of assurance that your corporate communications will be effective. By definition, a writer's job is to engage their audience and deliver a particular message, and it's a job they will have done over and over again, promoting different brands in industries and addressing different audiences. They know what works.

It's more scaleable to pay by the article. Using professional writers to provide content for your company communications allows your company to better manage its costs, and helps limit the need to take on more support staff as your company expands. Because you pay per article, it becomes much easier to quantify just how well your communications are performing: this means you can focus on your core company product and meeting the needs of your customers.

So when designing your company's communications strategy, and looking to maximise control, cost and efficacy of your communications, consider again the value of your company message, and ask yourself whether you would leave it to anyone other than a professional.