Our Order Form

We have developed an order form that is one of the best in the branch. The hard thing here is that you as a customer should both be able to quickly order a single customised text or you should be able to order 1000 texts where only the topic is different for the different articles. Our order form is specially built in a way so that you should easily be able to do both. Once you have created an order and you are happy with the results then you can easily copy that order and place another similar order.

Download your articles

Once your articles are finished you will receive an email notifying you that an order is finished. Then you can log in and download single articles or all the articles in a .zip file. You can download the raw .txt data or word files (.docx). Your articles will be stored in our cloud forever so you will never loose the job.

The future

We are continuously developing our platform ant the order form is really the core of our business. In the future we want you to be able to order anything from our platform, not just content. Say for example you want to create a new Wordpress website, then you should be able to order a web-design from our designer team and articles from our content writing team. We want to be the future of online work.