Our Unique Process

At boostcontent.com we are proud of the system we've devised for creating unique content and meeting customer's needs. The process is simple yet efficient. As our customer, you first place an order on the website. This order details exactly what you need, whether it's 500 product descriptions for a web shop or 5 SEO articles for satellite sites.

Once you've placed an order, we promptly review it and send it out to our freelancers. We have thousands of freelance writers working with us across the globe. All have been quality assured by us before writing for our customers.

Having noted your requirements, writers start entering work onto our website. Soon after the writer submits the article, a second writer proofreads it. This second writer corrects spelling or grammar mistakes and checks that the original brief has been met. If the brief hasn't been met, the proofreader adds a short note to describe the problem.

Next, one of our employed proofreaders reads the article and looks again for errors. If it's agreed at this point that the customer's instructions haven't been followed, the article goes back to the original writer for reworking. Only after the article has passed through this system is it sent to you via your account. Upon delivery, the rights to the article are yours and you are free to publish it.