Our Unique Process

At boostcontent.com we are proud of our internal process for creating unique content for our customers varying needs. It is very simple but yet very powerful. You (the customer) places an order directly on the website. The order describes exactly what you need, be it 500 product descriptions for your web shop or 5 SEO articles that you post on your satellite websites linking to your main website.

After your order is placed we will make a quick review of it and then send it out to our freelancers. We have over 9000 freelancers across the world. Some of them are constantly writing for us and all the writers that are writing have been quality assured by us.

The writers will see your instructions and start writing directly on our website. As soon as they submit the article we have another writer that knows the same language that reads the article, corrects spelling errors and if some instructions was not follower the proofreader writes a small note about what is wrong. After that one of our employed proofreaders reads the article and detects common errors made. In the last step we also have the ability to return the article to the original writer telling them to correct or rewrite the article. After that we deliver the article to you and you will be able to download the article on your account. Of course all rights to the article are yours as soon it is delivered to you.