Branching Out With Freelance Writers

Online content is still the gateway to visibility and vitality on the Internet. Few would dispute this fact. In 2012, Netcraft's fascinating survey showed us that even then there were over 644 million active websites online. Imagine how much that number has grown over the course of 6 short years, with the boom of blogging and mobile devices. Content is constantly churned out at a rapid pace, and to get the attention of even one in a billion people, you're going to need something special. In this case, the word "special" translates into "unique." And that's why you should hire freelance writers.

What Freelancers Bring To The Table

  • Perspectives

Let's talk about perspective. When you read a piece of content online, you don't want to read the same old thing. If you have a full-time writing staff, the content may be more regular but it will likely come from the same perspective over and over again. Freelancers bring a breath of fresh air to your content and capture the attention of audiences who might look away from mundane content churned out by regular writers.

  • Savings

Beginning and even intermediate freelancers make their living or their spare change by creating content, and they are often willing to work for reduced rates compared to full-time staff. When you hire freelancers regularly, you get unique perspectives and fresh content for much less than you would normally pay.

  • Passion

A seasoned veteran writer might think they have things all figured out, and this can lead to a shift away from the hunger that drove them to write in the beginning. This isn't a problem with freelancers. Unproven and eager to show their stuff, freelancers often write with a passionate urgency not present in professional writing.

These three reasons are powerful testimony about the advantages of hiring freelancers, if not regularly, than occasionally, to bring a unique perspective, economy, and passion to your content strategy. The hunger of the freelancer is perhaps the best reason to let them hop on board your team this year.