Categorical Descriptions Superiority to Product Descriptions

Category descriptions are more appealing to shoppers who are in doubt on exactly what to purchase. With the increasing number of brands o different categories, shoppers are left with the dilemma of choice. A situation common to most shoppers.

Goods and/or services placed in categorise, provide the customer with an overview of options available, making comparison and decision making much easier to the customer. This reduces the strain to navigate through the search engines, looking for other similar products to compare with, a disadvantage of product description.

The non-technicality of category description enables for establishment of an emotional link between the customer and the company. Unlike in product description where each product drags along all its specifications, descriptions and reviews, which are only a plus if the customer is absolutely sure of what to purchase.

Categorical description provides an avenue for companies to emphasize on the benefits of one product to another, inclining the customer to a certain brand, before the customer has a chance to dig deeper into the product description. Such inclines would be in form of free samples for every purchase, a guarantee of some sort or even a discount on purchase of two or more of the product inview.

Additionally, category description works best, on the perspective of usability, as it fits with the conceptually accepted standards deployed in stores. The aisles on stores have signs that display the categories on that lane for ease during shopping. Hence the take on categorical description being superior to product description.

However, this is not to say that product description lacks in strength, as it would provide a better option to small and medium sized enterprises. This is because small companies may have lesser options for their customers making it convenient to be specific on what they have to ensure a chance of sales.