How Much Direction Do You Need to Give a Writer When Ordering Online Articles?

Businesses of all kinds are tapping into the writing talent available online to create articles. Sometimes there is a communication gap between the person ordering the article and the writer who will deliver it. It can be difficult to know how much direction to provide and when you are giving too much advice. There are some essentials that the writer needs to know to meet the client’s needs.

What do you want to accomplish?

Let the writer know the primary purpose of the article. Will it be placed on an article submission site to drive more traffic to the company’s website? Are you going to use the article on your website to provide interesting content to visitors? This will go a lot farther than simply telling the writer you want the article to be somewhat sales-oriented or highly informative.

Who is your target audience?

Don’t just supply an age or income bracket. The more details the writer has, the more attractive they can make the article to the readers that matter the most. Giving the writer directives to write for “consumers” when your product is only appropriate for a certain group is a waste of resources. It is also a missed opportunity to reach real potential customers.

What tone do you want the article to have?

A lot of clients request a conversational tone to their articles, but that isn’t always the appropriate tone to take. Some topics can be told better with humor. Others may require an educational or informative tone. Think about what you want the reader to feel when they read the article. That should tell you the best tone for the article.

Do you need search word optimization and do you know what keywords to use?

Changes to Google in recent years have led to a greater focus on quality content. Many businesses have mistakenly interpreted this to mean that SEO is no longer a necessity. No matter what you have on your website, you still have to get traffic there. You need to know which keywords need to be used and instruct the writer to use them only when they fit naturally into the text. SEO is important; but not at the cost of the quality of the content.

Are there any issues that you need to avoid?

Some businesses have sensitive issues related to their products or services that need to be avoided. Keep in mind that the writer you hire may only have the information about your industry that you have provided. Supply any information that will keep anyone from being insulted or from getting the wrong idea.

When hiring a writer to write online articles, make sure revisions are offered for free. If there are any misunderstandings about your initial directives, correcting the mistakes should be as simple as clarifying what you want.