Email Marketing to Existing Customers

An existing customer is too important to overlook, because it costs more to acquire a new customer, than retaining an existing one. With an existing customers, there are always opportunities for more sales. The company just has to identify these opportunities.

Create a Personal Relationship

Reaching out to existing customers is a way of showing them that they are of great value. This starts by sending emails that are designed as a welcome or confirmation of an order. This is a unique opportunity for companies to show customers what else they have in stock. The idea is to extend gratitude, but also to alert them of new offers and products. Let the customers have a great experience, that will give them a reason to recommend the company to others. Create a personal relationship with customers, track their satisfaction and deal with them zealously.

Active Customers

There are two types of existing customers. The active ones are customers who sign up and make a purchase. They are to receive transactional emails, like:

  • Monthly reports
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Notifications that encourage the recipients to re-engage

Emails sent to existing customers should aspire to have the perfect balance, brief and yet descriptive enough to demonstrate the full value of the offer. CTA buttons with actionable language can make the marketing more effective.

Inactive Customers

Just because a customer signs up, it doesn’t mean they will actually make a purchase. After signing up, many customers remain inactive. They should be monitored. To maintain these customers, as well as reactivating them, the following email marketing could be helpful:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Milestone emails (Sending an email when a user is engaged)
  • Browser history email (Follow-up emails when a user looks up the company site)

Life-cycle emails like this are meant to spark very specific actions, in the lives of the customers. It can be a highly effective marketing strategy, if implemented carefully and with a personal touch.