How to Succeed in SEO in 2018

With the online world as palpable and ruthless as ever, fighting off competitors and driving your blog or website to the pinnacle of the page can be a tough challenge. Previous tried and tested techniques, such as repetition of a keyword or phrase, are becoming a thing of the past as search engines begin to flex their intellectual muscles to a whole new level.

Context over Content

The key to optimising your traffic lies within creating stimulating content that holds the reader’s attention and inevitably persuades them to take action. Google’s recent powerhouse RankBrain focuses on user activity during the search process and ranks results accordingly. Not only does this system centre on the amount of people that choose a particular link, but it also takes into account how long each person spends on their selected page. The more time spent, the higher the position.

Scaling the Ranks

Considering this new focus on dwell time, what are the best ways of promoting your business online? Well, content that is unique and appealing goes a long way in tempting your reader to stay. The text should be simple and straightforward, although it is crucial for the information to be as comprehensive as possible. That’s where LSI keywords come in, words or phrases that link directly to your subject. Several handy applications are available online for figuring out which terms you should filter into your text to give your rating a definitive boost.

A Successful SEO Strategy

Aside from providing engaging and effective content, recent findings suggest that voice search compatibility and mobile optimisation will come to the forefront in 2018. It is consequently a smart move to tailor your business to keep pace with current trends. Websites that feature videos and regular blogs will remain more attractive to the search engine and promotion through social media will continue to be an essential ingredient to SEO success.