How To Write an Interesting Article

If you want to write an interesting article it is important to catch the readers attention within the first few sentances. Sometimes you might even only have the first few words in the first sentance to catch the eye of the reader, which makes it extra important that you really throw your message out there.

An interesting article that needs to be informantive and fact-based have to have a little chew-resistancy, which is easier said than done in these days where everything is pre-chewed for an easy swallow by most people. It is no coinsidence that videos and articles are short in these days, people are just too lazy to actually read something that needs more than just a little brain-activity. An interesting article is so much more than a "smart" quote or a top ten list of random facts.

For an article to be interesting, it must also be relatable. "What angle is the best to write from?" is a question the writer must ask him- or herself to be able to write an as interesting article as possible. If the reader cannot relate, he or she will not find it interesting. As an example: An article with an intriguing head-line that speaks to the readers ego will most certainly spark the interest to keep reading. "How to become a millionaire in just 100 days" will probably get more readers than "just hard work and determination will get you there".

But ofcourse, the most important thing for writing an interesting article is that the content of the article is true and fact-based. If it is not, it's not really an article anymore, it's a short story or a fairy tale. An artice that catches the readers attention, is relatable and fact- based is not only just an interesting article, it is an interesting masterpiece.