How to write an interesting blog post?

Writing blog is about telling the stories. People love real stories, which are told in first person about unusual experiences. So the first rule of writing interesting blog is writing in first person in storytelling style. When you also write in clear and simple way, then the post content will be more understandable for other people. But in the same time you have to know, that you can't be shorter than you should and no longer than you need to be. Content in the post should be balanced in the length meaning. Too much longer article with many not very important details will be a little boring and because of this you can lose your potential reader. The same can happen if you will write too short.

In the same time is important to have authentic and original content. Copying and pasting from other sites is very easy to identify and it's illegal activity. You can only use the law of quotation to show sentences other authors i your post. It's okay, when you read other blog posts for inspiration, but don't steal content from there.

Making schedule or plan your post before writing is very helpful method, because it allow you prepare better structure and include all important details and choose appropriate title, which will attract readers.

Another method is being natural on your blog, you don't write for English teacher or science magazine, but for normal people, which want to read real stories writed in simple way. Users need emotional and dynamic stories, because it attracts their attention.

Writing posts don't have to be difficult, when you are using natural approach and simple style. In this way users can easier identify with story from your blog post. This is true pattern for writing interesting blog post, which can help you so much in your bloger career.