How To Keep a Reader Engaged

It is important to capture the attention of a reader with a headline that is short to the point and tells exactly where your article is heading. If this headline made you read this article, then you understand the role of a headline. However, a catchy headline is not enough to keep your reader reading. You need three writing techniques mentioned below to connect with your readers in a compelling way.

Ask Questions

It is wise to ask a bunch of questions when introducing your topic to the reader. Statements help us understand the issues of discussion but does not cause us to think critically about them. Unlike statements, questions interact with our brains and cause us to think as we try to answer them while reading.

Touch the Core Emotions

We all want to read an interesting piece that touches our core emotions. Prospective customers want an inkling of something that makes them stronger, healthier and richer. The product or service mentioned in the piece should appeal to the reader. Make the reader picture you speaking to them about the product in a conversation.

Have a flowing Transition

Once you get the readers' attention through catchy headline, do not let them wander. How does this happen? When you use phrases that do not fit or words that are irrelevant to the topic, the reader becomes confused and may not understand you. To avoid this, read your statements aloud once you are done writing to remove the fluffs. Ensure that there is a smooth, logical connection from your introduction to the last paragraph.

The three compelling ideas will keep your prospects engaged. They are the core structure upon which you can build your writing skills. After creating a compelling headline that catches your readers attention, you need content that will cause your prospects to keep reading to the very end.