Recipe for a good blog post

In a blog post you should always write about something you are interested in, and not only something that you think would interest others, because if it doesn't interest you, then how are you going to know anything about the subject? I mean of course you could do some research and then just copy and paste, but that would not be as good and interesting as your own words would it? My friend is a blogger. She writes about sports, photography and cooking, she is interested in all that and that is why she writes about it.

You should also have some pictures on your blog, because it will be more interesting and will catch peoples attention. But it can't just be some random pictures, they have to be relevant, they have to show what kind of jeans you are talking about in you post.

You could also use some humor if you are not writing about something really serious, like if you are out with the girls and wanna write about that, use some humor, nobody likes it when its way to serious. Also, never ever just write a blog post when you haven't been doing anything worth blogging about, example if you just were at the beach and were just chilling all day, don't write a blog post about that just because you feel like you have to update your blog. Nobody would be interested in that, trust me. Except if you have a creepy stalker that want to know everything that you are doing.

You should show the people that are reading you blog that you are thankful for what they are doing by replying to their comments or write a post about them saying that you are thankful, or perhaps even a little giveaway if you can afford that?