Setting the Right Tone for Product Descriptions

You might think that writing a product description is easy. Taken literally, it seems like all you have to do is describe the product. Isn’t that the case? Well, no. If you want to convert copy into sales, it has to engage the reader and offer compelling reasons to buy.

To sell products online, you need to set a tone that customers can identify with. Let’s consider some of the ways in which you can achieve this.

Identify Your Typical Customer

When writing sales copy, it always helps if you have a stereotypical customer in mind. Generally, this means identifying the most frequent age bracket and sex among your client base. Having done this, the writer then writes in a style that aims to engage that imaginary customer.

Some e-commerce companies take this idea one step further by using female writers to write for women customers and male writers for a mostly male clientele.

Once you’ve visualized the type of person you’re selling to, you can try to tap into their sense of humor and anticipate their needs. You’re not trying to baffle customers with science and show off your expertise. All they need to know is why they should buy the product—what’s in it for them. If you convey that in an appealing way, you’ll do well.

Choice of Words

To connect with your typical customer, it’s vital that you don’t use language that alienates him or her. Usually, you should aim for a friendly style using a second person point of view. Try to develop a consistent writing persona so that the website has a coherent style. Be wary of dry wit, as it can easily sound sarcastic or patronizing online. Stick to gentle, mainstream humor.

If the product you are selling is technical and complicated, it’s your job to make it understandable. The extent to which you do this depends on your likely audience. Don’t copy and paste from the manufacturer’s own, often baffling press release. Research the product and describe it on a level your buyer can understand.