What Makes a Good Product Description?

If you are a freelance writer with an assignment to complete and you are unsure how to lay it out, you have a few things to consider. Product descriptions need to be as interesting as they are informative otherwise you could lose your target audience and not get those sales your client needs. Plan ahead, if you have several articles based around product descriptions then using a tried and tested formula may help you.

Where to Start?

Your client will have hopefully given you an outline of the information they need included in the article with keywords where necessary. Begin your article with an overview of the product you are writing about, keep it general, you will be going into more detail later. Use the brand name and product model name only as often as it is needed, over use will leave the description feeling forced and this can also put off potential clients. Never include anything in the overview that you will not be discussing in your article, you could leave your readers feeling like they have missed something.

The description

If you have a lot of information on your product and your word count requirement is low you might want to consider bullet points. This is particularity useful when listing a range of features that do not necessarily need a long explanation for what they do or how they work. You can save yourself on the word count, keep the information short and to the point and use those words elsewhere, where the reader will get the most from them

The Summary

A good product description will also have a summary, a closing statement that brings together all the features of the product, reiterating to the reader the information they have just read in the body of the article. If a call to action is required by the client, this is the place to include it.