What makes an article SEO Friendly?

If you wish to reach top positions in the search engines, then you need to understand how important SEO is and what makes your content friendly! SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is all about learning certain steps, so your content is seen in all the popular search engines. The main step is learning to understand how to focus your content around particular keywords. You should always follow the following steps when writing an SEO friendly article.

1. Make a good keyword selection

This is the main task when writing an SEO friendly article. Great content that's found has always been written by writers who have used great high ranking keywords, that they have found by using one of the many keyword tools available online. Only with high ranking keywords will your article be seen in all the popular search engines.

2. Writing Unique Content

"Content is King", writing unique content is of the up most importance, you need to avoid copying from others at all costs because this will be spotted! Only those articles that are unique will rank in all the popular search engines. If you are uncertain that your text is unique then use a tool such as Copyscape to make sure.

3. Keyword Frequency

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to use lots of the same keywords too many times, when this is in correct, keywords should be used in the title and you should keep the frequency of single word keywords below 6% and the frequency of longer phrases below 3%. With a few tricks you can emphasize and target your keywords, for instance use header tags to emphasize your titles and subtitles. Its a great idea to always remember to have your article title containing the h1 header tag. Always remember that a great SEO article needs to be written in your own words!