Why Inspired Writers Cost Less

Relevant content is essential to all those who want online visibility. The web is a jungle, and the search engine spiders only latch onto text fulfilling certain criteria. A website with little text becomes invisible, and this is why many Flash-based sites disappear into oblivion, even those with the most amazing design.

Written text has become a new currency, and old websites, bought by new and ambitious owners, need to be filled with new and fresh content to regain old followers and seduce new ones. Hiring an in-house content writer can be a solution for some, but inspiration and creativity might dwindle down after a while, especially if the writers are constantly working on the same topics.

Luckily, there is a solution to all this, and it comes in the form of freelance content writers. In recent years, companies like boostcontent.com have engaged freelance writers to offer companies great content at a competitive price. Allowing freelancers to choose their task and work from the comfort of their own homes has boosted productivity and cut costs.

The freedom to choose is also of high importance to the writers, who have the possibility to select assignments based on personal interests. A team of in-house copywriters might lose motivation when assignments are no longer interesting to them. They are also affected by variations in workload and have limited capacity when it comes to high volumes. Low workloads, on the other hand, might lead to passivization of the team.

Writing is a creative profession, and passion for a subject undoubtedly raises the quality of the final product. Access to writers from across the globe ensures diversity and a solid language portfolio. The price is kept low because of modern, web-based and user-friendly platforms, which allow writers to work from almost anywhere. In addition, since the writers themselves choose the assignments they like best, they are more inclined to accept lower rates.