Why You Should Outsource Your Product Description Writing Now

Do you know the difference between ineffective product descriptions and ones that make the reader want to jump up and buy? Do you know how to use SEO to attract people who are ready and waiting to buy? If you're not confident about the above two questions, then you should probably consider outsourcing your product description writing to professionals who can really make them sell for you.

Product Descriptions Should Sell For You

In the world of ecommerce, every interaction with an online user has the potential to bring them closer to becoming a customer. Imagine how much better your products could sell if the descriptions were rich with imagery, filled with tantalizing descriptors, and seem to speak to the reader's very wants and desires? These product descriptions would perform way better than anything generic taken from the manufacturing website.

Product Descriptions Should Float to the Top

Using SEO in all parts of an online store is essential. Just in case you're not convinced, consider these findings from the 2017 Smart Insights search statistics report:

  • About 4,464,000,000 searches are made via Google each day.
  • Non-branded traffic for ecommerce sites in the #1 spot in Google search results get a click-through rate of about 24%, while the second spot got a distant 12% and the third got about 9%.
  • CTR (click-through rate) tends to be higher for organic results compared to paid (PPC) results.

Because of the huge amount of traffic that search engines draw, and the fact that people use them often as related to ecommerce, it should be obvious why SEO is so important when doing business online. Using SEO in your product descriptions is like attaching your products and services to a buoy that shoots straight to the surface. SEO may not be a magic bullet for success, but it's an essential tool that will yield steady results over time.

Now you should see how important it is to have product descriptions that titillate the customer. The best way to achieve this is to have an experienced pro write them for you. You'll be glad that you did!