Your Website is Your Brand

What exactly is a 'brand'? Is it your brand, is it your reputation? Is it the actual product/service that you sell? Or is it not the product but rather the way the product is perceived by consumers? The reality is, there is no one definition of branding but it is often defined or considered, in the context of business, to be not a noun but rather a process whereby all of the above come together and make up the image of your organization in a consumer's mind. Basically your brand is your identity. The goal when undergoing this process and creating a brand is to develop an identity that is unique and different than any and all competitors.

With the understanding that your brand is your identity, it follows that in an extremely digitized society, that one of, if not the most prominent part of your identity is your online presence and online identity, namely your website. Your website can be your main source of customer engagement and biggest customer reach. This is true for everything from communication to purchases by consumers. Your website is a first and lasting impression on customers and thus every part of your website, even the smallest of details has a big impact.

With the understanding that your digital brand/ presence is becoming so important, it follows that what you put on your website requires serious thought, consideration and analysis. It is important to know what we want our website to say to new, existing and potential customers and consumers. Does it capture your values and personality as an organization? Does it parallel your other outlets and keep a consistent identity across platforms and locations? Does it effectively communicate who you are and what you do?

If you are not entirely sure or you want to know the exact answers to any of the above questions, some of the best ways to do so are by conducting surveys with existing consumers, asking objective consumers to review your website and also to consider looking at other online brands and leverage industry standards, others' strengths, etc.