4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Writer

Hiring a writer can be more frustrating than you realize, and easily become a daunting task. These four tips will help you hire a writer that suits your needs and standards.

1. View Profile and Reviews

A professional writer will have a profile with more than two samples and reviews from previous clients. Before you choose a writer, make sure their samples showcase high-quality work and they have more positive reviews than ones that are negative. Their profile should be updated within the last two or three weeks and the writer's reviews should be no older than one month.

2. Interview

Regardless of how great a writer's samples and reviews are, host an interview to get a better idea of how well you and the candidate will work together. You can do this by asking the writer how they handle similar projects you may assign or how well they manage their time while working on a project.

3. Experience, Expertise, and Skills

Before you hire a writer, you need to know how much experience they have writing, their areas of expertise, and their skill level with different techniques, including SEO and keyword research. All three of these factors will help create excellent content for your business, as well as, a long term writer for your content needs.

4. Trial and Error

Give a writing candidate a paid sample to write to make sure they are who they say they are. The paid sample will give you an idea of the approach the writer will take with your content and how well they will write content on a given topic. The sample can be anywhere from 100 words to 400 words.

Finding the perfect writer is difficult, but not impossible. These four tips will help you hire your ideal writer and get content that benefits your business.