5 Steps to Becoming a Great Blog Writer

There are different kinds of writers from academic to creative writers. While being a blog writer may sound like the middle ground in the sense that it is a lot easier than either of the two, it may be quite harder than you think. If you already have a blog online or are planning to start one, it is always a good idea to have a sort of checklist when writing a new blog post. That said, here are 5 simple steps you can follow.

Step 1: Plan the blog post

You may initially have thought of a good topic to write about but this is merely just a part of the whole planning process. A big chunk of it will be researching more about the topic and seeing if the topic itself will attract attention. Whether your blog is focused on a specific niche/category or not make sure to choose something you are interested in. Research is important to make educated opinions based on facts. Otherwise, people will easily be skeptical.

Step 2: Make an informative yet eye-catching headline

Headlines should not be too informative that it gives away the article nor should it be too vague that it seems clickbait. Try imagining it yourself if you see your proposed headline on a Google search result. Would you click it?

Step 3: Start writing!

This step is straightforward. You can even just "word vomit" your way through and write down all of your thoughts. This makes sure you have everything down.

Step 4: Use other kinds of media

People nowadays love pictures and videos. But it also vital especially when you are explaining about complex topics. Don't use too much of them, however, since you are still a blog writer.

Step 5: Do as many revisions if needed

Since the whole article so far has been a raw, it is time for you to do all the revisions. Organise your thoughts and see if it has a logical flow. Trick is to just read it again and again and ask for feedback from friends and or family.