How to Determine if Someone is a Good Article Writer

When it comes to writing articles, be it for educational, commercial or even leisure purposes, there are a few key elements that one can look at when assessing the writing skills and capabilities of an article writer. In the following paragraphs, several elements that are quintessential for any article writer quality assessment, will be listed and further detailed.

  • Analyzing the grammar of the articles: it goes without saying, but one of the most important element when it comes to writing articles and their inherent quality is the grammar used in the articles. By assessing the grammar and any corresponding mistakes that the writer might induce while writing the articles, one can easily determine if the respective person is a good or poor writer;
  • Evaluating the overall style: different writers have different styles of writing articles. Choosing the most suitable one for any given job is part of the key processes that make for the creation of any good article. However, each style might have different target areas and particularities, and as with the grammar, the writing style also needs to be correct, at least in terms of the overall purpose and applicability;
  • Creating statistics: one method that can easily offer a regulatory framework that can be imposed when trying to evaluate article writers, is the use of statistics as a tool for assessing the quality of the written articles. Being a scientific approach, this means that statistics allows for the evaluation to have a quantitative-oriented nature, therefore reducing any human-induced bias that might arise when performing qualitative assessments. Simply put, by analyzing the number of mistakes, style errors or even the occurrence of different words in the articles and their frequency, an article writer's skills and competence can be easily determined and ranked accordingly, if there are multiple writers to be evaluated.