Funny vs Serious Product Descriptions

There is no secret that a well-written product description can take your business to higher levels. While most costumers have a first glance at the product image there is no doubt that an injection of creativity when describing the product´s benefits, is highly recommended to increase sales. An epic description can determine whether a costumer will come to the decision of buying or just continuing skimming the page.

Before finalizing your texts, you have to figure out what type of content you want to present, as well as the tone of voice in it.

Defining your tone of voice

The next step is to figure out how the description will affect the reader and how you want your company to be percieved. Do you want to stay serious and fact-based or do you prefer to engage the reader by giving away a dash of humour?

Your writing style can differentiate your company and your products from competitors by creating a fine line between making a potential costumer adding the product to the cart, or choosing another webshop.

A slightly personal and funny approach can make the content stand out more, which may result in the costumer feeling closer to your company´s values and personality.

However there is also a risk that cheeky descriptions may have an opposite outcome that does not strike your audience. If your products demand careful descriptions and important fact information, it is preferable to be more accurate by sticking to the benefits and specific features.

Before you start writing the text or engaging a content writer to do so, it is of great importance that you are aware of the suitable tone of voice so that you do not end up with a useless website.

Always observe your language

Though you might prefer to go for a slightly humoristic mode of expression, make sure to use correct language. Imagine your buyer persona and how you would want to entice him or her to buy your product. That is the type of voice you are looking to emulate in the product description.