Tips for Product Description Writing For the Seller and the Writer

For those that are in the business of selling products, it is important that they use every resource available to them to be successful at this. One that is extremely important is the product descriptions and particularly for those that are selling online via an e-commerce site. However, even for those with a brick and mortar business, the product descriptions that they use in the print material is equally as important.

There are two important considerations that must be given to the way the description of each product is created. The first consideration is what the business owner expects from these, and the second is what the writer of these descriptions must consider in order for the product description to close the sale.

The Business Owner Perspective

As the purchaser of these products, you have decided to sell them because you have identified a consumer need for them. This means that you must have a good idea of what your target audience wants. Your product description has to convey the benefits and features.

Benefits - The benefits depict what the product can do for the purchaser. For example, a quality mattress is going to allow the purchaser to get uninterrupted sleep.

Features - This is the components that your product consists of. The mattress is comprised of state of the art springs and memory foam materials.

The Writer's Perspective

As the writer of product descriptions, you have the responsibility of getting a lot of information in your content within a designated number of words. This means you need to make every word count.

Study the Product

Like the business owner, you need to know what needs does the product meet for the consumer. You need to make sure that each of these is covered in your product description.

Hold the Attention

If you know why the product will be so important to the consumer you can put this into wording that will hold the potential purchaser's attention. Each sentence you write has to create an interest in reading the next sentence.

Set the Tone

Your writing should contain descriptive words about the product but your product and the brand will dictate the tone of your writing. If you are writing about a casual product then you will want to keep the tone of your writing casual. However, if you are writing about sophisticated products then the language in your writing must be on par with this.

The Features

You can aptly cover the benefits in your description but you may want to list your features in bullet point form so they can be seen at a glance.

Remember Your Seo

If you are writing your products for an e-commerce site then make sure you know what the most favorable keywords are for each product, so the product will get ranked in the search engines.

Call to Action

Complete your description with a strong call to action to buy, and perhaps to check out related products.