What makes people come back to your blog

Today, the blogosphere as well as other social media, is very competitive. There is a vast amount of information available and to attract readers, a blog needs several factors to be successful, with regards to form as well as content.

A passionate blogger

A blogger needs to be interested and engaged in the topic he or she writes about. Passion for a subject will catch the readers’ attention and the author’s enthusiasm will translate from the screen to the reader. Knowledge about a topic is also important, but most of all, passion.

Well written

Even if a blogger is passionate about something, the blog also has to be readable. This means full sentences, correct spelling and grammar as a minimum. Preferably, the writing style should also be varied and professional, but readers of a teen blog or a really good technical blog may be more forgiving than the fans of a literature analysis blog.

Update often

Even if a blog is filled with passion and really well written, it also needs to be updated regularly. It does not have to be every hour or even every day, but often enough to keep the readers coming back to the blog. Information in a blog today can be regarded almost as perishable goods and a blog that is updated irregularly will lose its readers.


A blog with pictures often attracts more readers than a simple text blog. Some blogs, e.g. fashion blogs or interior design blogs, contain mostly photos. Very simple blogs with just text also exist but in general, photos help bringing readers to a blog and making them come back. As with everything else described above, the photos need to be of a high quality. Most mobile phones today have great cameras and also editing apps so there is no excuse for a bad photo in a blog.