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Why You Should Outsource Your Product Description Writing Now

Do you know the difference between ineffective product descriptions and ones that make the reader want to jump up and buy? Do you know how to use SEO to attract people who are ready and waiting to buy? If you're... Read More

Buy articles for your blog instead of writing them yourself

Even if you have your own company, it does not mean you have to do everything yourself. You don't have to create your own site or design your own logo. But there is no doubt in hiring someone to write... Read More

Make Sure that Bad Grammar does not Cost You Business

The Internet offers huge potential to people who know how to use its strengths. It is also the most competitive marketplace ever: your competitors can be based anywhere in the world. You want to make sure that simple errors don’t... Read More

Setting the Right Tone for Product Descriptions

You might think that writing a product description is easy. Taken literally, it seems like all you have to do is describe the product. Isn’t that the case? Well, no. If you want to convert copy into sales, it has... Read More

How to Succeed in SEO in 2018

With the online world as palpable and ruthless as ever, fighting off competitors and driving your blog or website to the pinnacle of the page can be a tough challenge. Previous tried and tested techniques, such as repetition of a... Read More

Branching Out With Freelance Writers

Online content is still the gateway to visibility and vitality on the Internet. Few would dispute this fact. In 2012, Netcraft's fascinating survey showed us that even then there were over 644 million active websites online. Imagine how much that... Read More

Hiring an author to write your articles

Writing an article is a time consuming process. Between research, writing, editing, formatting, and translating, even a simple short piece can end up being a huge time sink. When your time and energy are valuable, it it worth considering hiring... Read More

The Importance of Nuance

There are two things to keep in mind whenever working to localize your business's content. The first thing to keep in mind is, of course, that the literal meaning of what your are translating is conveyed well in the new... Read More

Why You Need to be Emailing Your Customers

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing any business can use, especially to existing customers. For one simple reason - It works. Every successful company uses email marketing. From Apple to Ford, and this is why: It's all... Read More

Influence Consumers' Purchase Decisions with Funny vs Serious Product Descriptions

There is no secret that a well-written product description can take your business to higher levels. While most costumers have a first glance at the product image there is no doubt that an injection of creativity when describing the product´s... Read More

5 ways To Bring New Traffic To Your Site

Content and traffic are the two most important factors for a websites survival. Intriguing content is essential for the success of any website-not only on your site pages, but in your emails, too. Advertising your brand by reaching out to... Read More

Producing Online Content: The Best Practices For Your Guaranteed Success

Introduction Buying content versus producing your own is an age-old debate. Some writers feel you are better off writing your own and some feel the opposite. The main advantage to buying content from someone else is the level of professionalism. you get... Read More

What Content Should You use on Your E-commerce Site?

The content that you post on your E-commerce site can lead matters a lot and can help increase sales. You can either use marketing content or informational content. When using content, you need to have your users at the back... Read More

An Easy Guide to Writing Engaging Product Descriptions

Are your product descriptions invoking interest, disarming your audience, and inviting people to read on? Engaging product descriptions will easily inspire a lot of conversions. Such content is excellent marketing! It’s not dull, and it encourages prospects to explore product... Read More

Its Not About Meat, Its About Feeding the Community

Joe's Butchery is situated in the sunny and stormy Mossel Bay, South-Africa. The owner Joe has had his butchery for 10 years starting it from humble beginnings. Growing up Joe was an orphan which roamed the streets of their ghettos... Read More

How To Reach Your Audience as a Small Business

Starting a business is always hard, stressful and time consuming. One of the hardest challenges is getting your name out there. Especially for small business and ones that are just starting out. A benefical way of getting your name out... Read More

Keeping your Company Message on Point - Why use a Professional?

When designing and implementing your company communications strategy, at what point does the question of 'who will write for the company blog?' get addressed? This usually comes pretty far down the list of considerations companies make. Understandably, there's always the... Read More

Need More Time? Hire a Freelancer to Write Your Blog!

With everything that small business owners have to deal with, from suppliers, to customers, to website support, there are never enough hours in a day. You know you need to engage your audience with meaningful, timely blog posts, but who... Read More

How to Make an Article Interesting

Whenever you are going to write an article, long or short, you don't want to lose the potential readers. You need to keep it interesting and you have to make it stand out, don't lose the readers! You may not be... Read More

Making a Great Services Page

The Importance, and Necessity for Small Businesses When creating a website for your company, your ultimate goal is to be found online. For smaller businesses, this is a crucial step in ensuring your company will not only get found, but that... Read More

What Is Needed to Make a Product Description Sell?

In order for a product description to be successful then it's end goal is to promote the sale of that product. For it to be able to do this it must possess several components. The Product Description Title Is The Attention... Read More

Let the Professionals Deal the Words

The door to a good business, is not, as you might think of, the product or the service that you offer, but the words that you use to sell them. Alright, let`s rephrase a bit. It is not as bad... Read More

What Makes a Good Product Description

According to Google Analytics, businesses spend thousands or millions annually in promotion for their businesses. However, only a portion of that is translates into tangible income. Why? One common reason is faulty product descriptions. Most amateur sellers see-saw between descriptions that are... Read More

Guidelines For Writing Unique Product Descriptions

Product description writing has been the death of many great products in the market. Someone works hard to see a valuable product come into being. But when it comes to convincing consumers why that product is better than others, things... Read More

Text on Your Website; What it Says About Your Business.

The text on your website not only gives visitors vital information about what you provide as a /company, it can also display your professionalism and knowledge on a certain subject area. Spelling or grammatical errors within the text on your website... Read More

What Makes a Good Product Description?

If you are a freelance writer with an assignment to complete and you are unsure how to lay it out, you have a few things to consider. Product descriptions need to be as interesting as they are informative otherwise you... Read More

Why should your website have High Quality Content?

There are many good reasons to why a website should have high-quality website content. The main reason is that it attracts visitors to your website. With high-quality images and content, you give the visitor a more pleasant experience while visiting... Read More

The Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer

Why would you choose to pay somebody to write the content for your website or blog? There are many reasons why you could benefit from letting a professional write your content. Quality To consistently produce high-quality articles is no easy task.... Read More

What makes people come back to your blog

What Makes People Come Back to Your Blog As a blogger, you obviously want to grow your audience, and that can’t happen if visitors occasion your blog and then disappear. You need to keep them on a “leash” so they don’t... Read More

How To Keep a Reader Engaged

It is important to capture the attention of a reader with a headline that is short to the point and tells exactly where your article is heading. If this headline made you read this article, then you understand the role... Read More

How to write an interesting blog post?

Writing blog is about telling the stories. People love real stories, which are told in first person about unusual experiences. So the first rule of writing interesting blog is writing in first person in storytelling style. When you also write... Read More

Tips to Capture Your Readers' Interest

There is nothing worse than reading boring content that has no emotion. That will turn a reader away quicker than anything. It is imperative that you keep your readers actively engaged and interested by keeping your content entertaining, yet simple.... Read More

Categorical Descriptions Superiority to Product Descriptions

Category descriptions are more appealing to shoppers who are in doubt on exactly what to purchase. With the increasing number of brands o different categories, shoppers are left with the dilemma of choice. A situation common to most shoppers. Goods and/or... Read More

Importance of Good Content for Your Website

Quality content is one of the most important factors that determine the success of any website. With good content on your website, visitors are most likely to keep coming back. Any internet marketer understands perfectly well the benefits of having... Read More

Recipe for a good blog post

In a blog post you should always write about something you are interested in, and not only something that you think would interest others, because if it doesn't interest you, then how are you going to know anything about the... Read More

5 Steps to Becoming a Great Blog Writer

There are different kinds of writers from academic to creative writers. While being a blog writer may sound like the middle ground in the sense that it is a lot easier than either of the two, it may be quite... Read More

Why Inspired Writers Cost Less

Relevant content is essential to all those who want online visibility. The web is a jungle, and the search engine spiders only latch onto text fulfilling certain criteria. A website with little text becomes invisible, and this is why many... Read More

How To Write an Interesting Article

If you want to write an interesting article it is important to catch the readers attention within the first few sentances. Sometimes you might even only have the first few words in the first sentance to catch the eye of... Read More

What Makes an Article SEO Friendly?

When one thinks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most marketers think immediately of keywords. While keywords are a vital element of good SEO, they represent just a small part of what helps your page rank high in search queries. In... Read More

4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Writer

Hiring a writer can be more frustrating than you realize, and easily become a daunting task. These four tips will help you hire a writer that suits your needs and standards. 1. View Profile and Reviews A professional writer will have a... Read More

Why Your Website Should Have High Quality Content

Anyone who would like to set up a website or blog should ensure that all the content that is uploaded to that site is of the highest quality possible. High-quality content serves several purposes. Read on and learn some of... Read More

What makes people come back to your blog

Today, the blogosphere as well as other social media, is very competitive. There is a vast amount of information available and to attract readers, a blog needs several factors to be successful, with regards to form as well as content. A... Read More

How to keep a reader engaged

A good text will raise the reader's interest at the very beginning of the story. Usually, this is done by leading the reader to the topic little by little. According to good pedagogical principles, this is done by passing a... Read More

Write an Interesting Blog Post

When you're about go write a blog post it's essential to keep the post interesting. A few things to keep in mind is that you have a good knowledge about the subject. If you want to write about something that... Read More

Get Your Readers to Keep Coming Back to Your Blog

A blog can be a very effective marketing tool when properly utilized. But for a blog to be useful as a marketing tool, the blogger needs to make sure that the readers keep coming back to the blog. Many bloggers... Read More

How to Determine if Someone is a Good Article Writer

When it comes to writing articles, be it for educational, commercial or even leisure purposes, there are a few key elements that one can look at when assessing the writing skills and capabilities of an article writer. In the following... Read More

Writing with Reader Habits in Mind

As many people know, it is important to write with the targeted reading audience in mind but did you know that you should also consider the writing medium? There is a vast difference between writing for print and writing for... Read More

What makes an article SEO Friendly?

If you wish to reach top positions in the search engines, then you need to understand how important SEO is and what makes your content friendly! SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is all about learning certain steps, so... Read More

What You Need to Know About Reader Engagement

Today most people walk around with smartphones in their hands and headphones on their ears. They take pride in their ability to multitask and many marketers believe that there’s nothing they can do about shortening attention spans. At the same time,... Read More

Email Marketing to Existing Customers

An existing customer is too important to overlook, because it costs more to acquire a new customer, than retaining an existing one. With an existing customers, there are always opportunities for more sales. The company just has to identify these... Read More

What the Text on Your Websites Says About your Business

To understand what your website says about your business to your online visitors, it may help to learn from some of the examples of firms who do an awesome job of digital branding through their websites. The signs on your... Read More

Your Website is Your Brand

What exactly is a 'brand'? Is it your brand, is it your reputation? Is it the actual product/service that you sell? Or is it not the product but rather the way the product is perceived by consumers? The reality is,... Read More

How Much Direction Do You Need to Give a Writer When Ordering Online Articles?

Businesses of all kinds are tapping into the writing talent available online to create articles. Sometimes there is a communication gap between the person ordering the article and the writer who will deliver it. It can be difficult to know... Read More

Tips for Product Description Writing For the Seller and the Writer

For those that are in the business of selling products, it is important that they use every resource available to them to be successful at this. One that is extremely important is the product descriptions and particularly for those that... Read More

Common Pitfalls With Inexperienced Content Writers

Writing high-quality content is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Newcomers face plenty of pitfalls and they often overestimate their own abilities. When an article is riddled with mistakes it gives a poor impression. In bad... Read More