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Here you can read articles that we hope you will find useful from some of the writers that are active on Boost Content. If you find a writer that you like particularily, you can often hire him or her to write articles for you. You can also put together a team of writers that you like and order articles from that group. Please use the menu to the right if you are looking for articles and writers in more languages.

What the Text on Your Websites Says About your Business

To understand what your website says about your business to your online visitors, it may help to learn from some of the examples of firms who do an awesome job of digital branding through their websites. The signs on your office door and the decoration inside the building, as well as your online presence, e-mail campaigns, social media posts, business cards, play a major role. Your brand colors, visuals, message,... Read More

Your Website is Your Brand

What exactly is a 'brand'? Is it your brand, is it your reputation? Is it the actual product/service that you sell? Or is it not the product but rather the way the product is perceived by consumers? The reality is, there is no one definition of branding but it is often defined or considered, in the context of business, to be not a noun but rather a process whereby all... Read More

How Much Direction Do You Need to Give a Writer When Ordering Online Articles?

Businesses of all kinds are tapping into the writing talent available online to create articles. Sometimes there is a communication gap between the person ordering the article and the writer who will deliver it. It can be difficult to know how much direction to provide and when you are giving too much advice. There are some essentials that the writer needs to know to meet the client’s needs. What do you... Read More

Tips for Product Description Writing For the Seller and the Writer

For those that are in the business of selling products, it is important that they use every resource available to them to be successful at this. One that is extremely important is the product descriptions and particularly for those that are selling online via an e-commerce site. However, even for those with a brick and mortar business, the product descriptions that they use in the print material is equally as... Read More

Common Pitfalls With Inexperienced Content Writers

Writing high-quality content is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Newcomers face plenty of pitfalls and they often overestimate their own abilities. When an article is riddled with mistakes it gives a poor impression. In bad cases, the content can be virtually useless. On the bright side, many of these pitfalls are easily avoidable. Let us take a closer look. Not Using the Right Type of Language Inexperienced... Read More

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