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What makes people come back to your blog

Today, the blogosphere as well as other social media, is very competitive. There is a vast amount of information available and to attract readers, a blog needs several factors to be successful, with regards to form as well as content. A passionate blogger A blogger needs to be interested and engaged in the topic he or she writes about. Passion for a subject will catch the readers’ attention and the author’s enthusiasm... Read More

How to keep a reader engaged

A good text will raise the reader's interest at the very beginning of the story. Usually, this is done by leading the reader to the topic little by little. According to good pedagogical principles, this is done by passing a subject on a generally known subject to more specific issues. This way the reader's knowledge is built and deepened as the article progresses ever further. This writing technique is able... Read More

4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Writer

Hiring a writer can be more frustrating than you realize, and easily become a daunting task. These four tips will help you hire a writer that suits your needs and standards. 1. View Profile and Reviews A professional writer will have a profile with more than two samples and reviews from previous clients. Before you choose a writer, make sure their samples showcase high-quality work and they have more positive reviews than... Read More

Write an Interesting Blog Post

When you're about go write a blog post it's essential to keep the post interesting. A few things to keep in mind is that you have a good knowledge about the subject. If you want to write about something that you don't know much about, read about it before you start your blog. Then you got the facts right from the beginning. A tips is also to install a spell-check... Read More

Get Your Readers to Keep Coming Back to Your Blog

A blog can be a very effective marketing tool when properly utilized. But for a blog to be useful as a marketing tool, the blogger needs to make sure that the readers keep coming back to the blog. Many bloggers assume that the only way to maintain a high reader retention rate is by producing relevant and high-quality content. However, with the stiff competition in the blogging world, it might... Read More

How to Determine if Someone is a Good Article Writer

When it comes to writing articles, be it for educational, commercial or even leisure purposes, there are a few key elements that one can look at when assessing the writing skills and capabilities of an article writer. In the following paragraphs, several elements that are quintessential for any article writer quality assessment, will be listed and further detailed. * Analyzing the grammar of the articles: it goes without saying, but one... Read More

Writing with Reader Habits in Mind

As many people know, it is important to write with the targeted reading audience in mind but did you know that you should also consider the writing medium? There is a vast difference between writing for print and writing for the web and it all boils down to the different reading habits in the different mediums. In short, traditional print is read carefully and highly scrutinised whilst online text is... Read More

What makes an article SEO Friendly?

If you wish to reach top positions in the search engines, then you need to understand how important SEO is and what makes your content friendly! SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is all about learning certain steps, so your content is seen in all the popular search engines. The main step is learning to understand how to focus your content around particular keywords. You should always follow the... Read More

What You Need to Know About Reader Engagement

Today most people walk around with smartphones in their hands and headphones on their ears. They take pride in their ability to multitask and many marketers believe that there’s nothing they can do about shortening attention spans. At the same time, a trend known as binge-watching has been gaining popularity in the recent years. Binge watching is when people watch their favorite TV shows or movies for hours at a time.... Read More

Email Marketing to Existing Customers

An existing customer is too important to overlook, because it costs more to acquire a new customer, than retaining an existing one. With an existing customers, there are always opportunities for more sales. The company just has to identify these opportunities. Create a Personal Relationship Reaching out to existing customers is a way of showing them that they are of great value. This starts by sending emails that are designed as... Read More

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